Free Language Learning for Everyone through Libraries

EveryLibrary is excited to partner with Mango Languages to help every person in the United States who wants to start learning a new language have free personal access to over 70+ languages through their public library through June 30th, 2020. 

EveryLibrary is excited to partner with Mango Languages to help every person in the United States who wants to start learning a new language have free personal access to over 70+ languages through their public library through June 30th, 2020. 

Whether you want to build a new skill while at home, learn a new language for work, prepare for a trip in the future or be a better arm-chair traveler, Mango has made it easy and accessible for everyone - even without a library card - to get started now. Mango is making its entire award-winning catalog available to everyone in America through their local public libraries. Together, Mango and EveryLibrary are encouraging folks across the country to take advantage of the wonderful learning opportunity.

Mango’s Public Library Community Outreach Initiative runs through June 30th, 2020 to connect people - either with or without a library card - to a valuable, interesting, and important resource and their local library.  

"It’s clear that today’s public libraries are vital," says Jason Teshuba, CEO of Mango Languages. "As our communities change in response to the crisis, America's public libraries continue to anticipate and meet our changing needs through their embrace of technology, collaboration, and community spirit. Even when their doors are closed, libraries remain a vital resource for all." Learning a language offers opportunities to improve mental stimulation, seek new employment opportunities, and connect with others. Doing this through your library carries you beyond the skills to connect you with the culture and other communities. 

Mango Languages combines intelligent technology and adaptive algorithms to deliver a language-learning experience centered around you, the learner. The courses are focused on speaking proficiency, conversation-ready skills, and retention with insights on culture and usage, too. With this free trial, you get:

  • Access to 70+ world language courses, including English
  • Highly rated mobile apps for Apple and Android 
  • Free family profiles to share with friends and family
  • Voice Comparison, phonetic support, and a Personalized Review System 

Libraries around the country are stepping up to support their communities during the Coronavirus crisis in new and innovative ways. Learning a new language or building your language skills connects you with other cultures, people, and opportunities. And Mango's award-winning language courses let you do it - for free - through your local library. 

"Mango is dedicated to the future of public libraries," says John Chrastka, EveryLibrary's Executive Director. "We are proud to partner on Mango's Public Library Community Outreach Initiative because of their ongoing commitment to connect language learners with their local libraries. When access to the library building is limited, the digital-access libraries provide to wonderful tools like Mango Languages are critical for communities, families, and individuals." 

Public libraries are as much a digital and online destination now as they are when the doors can be safely opened. As the shutdown persists and safer-at-home orders are extended for schools and communities, Mango Languages and EveryLibrary are committed to connecting people with the excellent resources from their local libraries. Start your free trial of Mango Languages at Whether you have a library card today or not, simply select your library by zip code to begin.

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