Influencer Toolkit

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the TikTok Influencer campaign against book bans during National Library Week (April 23-29). We are launching this campaign in response to the movement to ban books in our nation's public and school libraries. We are asking dozens of influencers like you to post your video during National Library Week (April 23rd-29th) with the hashtag #bannedbooktok with the petition URL at Once you do, you can email ([email protected]) a link to your video and we'll share it on our social media that reaches over one million Americans per week.

This campaign has a number of goals:

  1. To educate Americans about the growing movement to ban books
  2. To encourage direct action to fight against book bans through this petition
  3. To find people who can build a counter movement against book bans on the platform. 

We need your help to identify supporters through this petition ( where they will be encouraged to take further actions such as contacting their state representatives to fight against state legislation like this. They will also be asked to launch local campaigns against book bans in their community on where we can support their local efforts with up to $1,000 in digital ads to share their petition, events, and actions in their community as well as provide direct pro-bono consulting and support to help them win! Everything we do to support campaigns against book bans is pro-bono, we are not selling anything and there will never be a charge to local campaigns.

Your influencer status allows us to reach more people to take the first action (signing the petition) so we can help them get started and we need your support!

For this campaign we will be using the #bannedbooktok hashtag. 

We need you to share the petition at

Content ideas might include:

  • Booktalking a banned book (here is a list)
  • Talking about your personal feelings/experiences about book bans
  • Reaction/stitch videos of board meetings or other videos where they are calling for banning books.

Thank you so much for your interest in participating! If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to our political and digital director at [email protected]