I Was On a Podcast Earlier This Month

EveryLibrary's Executive Director was on a podcast earlier this month where he discussed book bans and the power of communities fighting back.

Earlier this month, I was on a podcast discussing library legislative fights around the country.

The host asked me, “What keeps you up at night?”

I said bills like the ones in Louisiana, which strip the library boards of their independence and eliminate the requirement that professional librarians run libraries, truly worry me.

We’ve seen too many anti-library bills introduced—and passed—in the last two years.

I wish he would have asked me the next important question: “What gets you up in the morning?”

I wanted to tell him about the amazing library advocates, allies, and stakeholders in Louisiana and a dozen other states that I get to stand alongside, help campaign against bad bills, and even occasionally help advance a few good ones. 


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If I had another few minutes on that podcast this week, I would be able to tell the host about a big win in Vermont: the Freedom to Read Act, S.220, which the governor signed into law on Monday. I got to help write that bill.

I am glad that our similar bill, the Libraries for All Act, is advancing in Delaware.

When so many book bans target racial and sexual minorities, civil rights and public accommodation protections for those readers are as important as the First Amendment.

I am proud EveryLibrary is recognized across our sector as an effective advocacy organization that listens first and stays in the fight alongside the local stakeholders until the end.

But I have to thank our donors again for enabling us to empower our colleagues to think through these big ideas. 



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I wrapped up that podcast like I am with you on this message today.

If you care about these issues and want to support libraries in the fight against censorship and for the people they serve, please help us as a donor and an activist yourself.

If you want to see this kind of work continue, please make a donation today.

John Chrastka
Executive Director


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