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Modern libraries are becoming more important than ever.  You may know libraries as a traditional place for books but they have grown to become a lot more. 

Modern libraries are becoming more important than ever.

You may know libraries as a traditional place for books but they have grown to become a lot more.  They are the information hubs of communities where people can gather, not only to check out books and magazines, but as a place to gain high speed access to online job applications, trainings, and information that give Americans the opportunities they need to be productive members of society.   They give parents the opportunity to expose their children to literature and develop a love of reading that will help them throughout their lives.  They allow communities to collect local resources and gain a sense of self and teach future generations about the value of their community.  Libraries promote democracy by engaging communities in programs that teach a sense of civic duty such as banned books week, and by providing a space to discuss and learn about American values like freedom and justice.  Libraries fight to ensure that returning veterans have access to the resources they fought so hard to secure.   They work to help the American entrepreneurs find the resources they need to expand and grow their business.  They do all this and a lot more.  It is our duty to ensure that we continue the over 270 year old tradition of giving Americans the resources they deserve to lead productive and fulfilling lives that benefit every citizen.

EveryLibrary is here to ensure that Americans and American libraries continue to grow and prosper.  We work as an advocate for libraries of every kind. We believe in the value of the library as a community agent of change and work tirelessly to ensure that libraries have the resources they need to sustain their high levels of service.  We rely on you to ensure that we can continue the work that we do.  Please, make a contribution today. Follow Henry Rollins' advice and "Don't let this slip".

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