Fighting for Michigan Libraries

EveryLibrary was born out of the idea that "any library ballot measure anywhere should matter to every library everywhere.” 

EveryLibrary was born out of the idea that "any library ballot measure anywhere should matter to every library everywhere.” 

That's because everyone, whether they live in the small towns or the big cities of Michigan, need and deserve strong libraries and we can work together to pool or resources to fight for them. This August, we're hard at work making this idea a reality.

We have four campaigns on the ballot in Michigan next Tuesday, August 2nd. Here is how we're putting our donors' support to good use:

1) Herrick District Library in Holland Michigan is on the ballot for a renewal of their basic levy funding. A win on August 2nd is about 85% of their operating budget. If it fails, they will need to re-run it very quickly (November) or those libraries will close by mid 2017. Their staff is out in the community doing tons of Info Only meetings, and their Yes Committee is making their campaign look elegant.

2) Leland Township Library is on the ballot to become an independent library district. They are the last library in Michigan to be organized under the 'old' library law and this vote will provide them with the financial independence they need to be a 21st century library. We have provided funding and tactical advice to their Vote YES committee, who are doing superb outreach.

3) Lyon Township Library is asking their voters for a building bond and an increase to their operating levy to run it. The staff and board have been highly engaged with the community in their planning process, but there is some local opposition - not organized but still present - that we've been working with the vote Yes committee people to counter. We're proud of their work and the chance our donors give us to stand with them.

4) Allegan Library is on the ballot for a new addition to their existing building to bring 21st century library service to their town. We've been involved since their early planning phase. They are moving along quite well toward August 2nd with a local political consultant, and we're in the mix helping to fund the Get Out the Vote campaign.

We have been able to support these library communities exclusively because of our donors. If you believe in the idea, like I do, that these places - towns you may never visit and people you may never know personally - should have effective libraries and quality librarians, we'd appreciate your donation today.

We're very close to the finish line for them, and we have another dozen libraries in 7 states still to come on the November ballot. Thanks for the chance to keep working on this good idea for libraries and communities.