EveryLibrary Join the ‘One America Coalition’ for Immigrant Rights

EveryLibrary is proud today to announce our membership in the One America Coalition and our support for the One America Registry.

EveryLibrary Joins the One America Coalition for Immigrant Rights

EveryLibrary is proud today to announce our membership in the One America Coalition and our support for the One America Registry.

The One America Coalition is made up of over 50 civil rights, immigrant rights, faith-based, and civil society organizations from across the political spectrum who are united in a belief that immigration makes our nation stronger. The One America Registry intends to confront any attempt to ban immigration from Muslim countries and create a registry of people of Muslim faith by encouraging all Americans to take civic actions in support of human rights and the dignity of all people. In joining this effort to stand up and speak out for all of our neighbors, EveryLibrary will bring the library colleagues’ experience helping people from across the world to become full members of our society.

We know that libraries are the first point of contact for many immigrants to our country, and librarians provide both English language literacy and first language literacy services to newcomers. Our nation’s libraries support the ongoing needs of immigrants to participate in the public and civic life of their new communities. As a political action committee for libraries, we encourage all our colleagues to stand strong on the promise of the Library Bill of Rights which affirms that a person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views. Equitable service and equitable access to library services are at the core of the Librarian’s Code of Ethics.

Please join us in signing on to the One America Registry today. Through the Registry, you will stay informed about the news and issues that affects immigrants from all across the world, and be able to take quick action about policies that seek to divide us. EveryLibrary stands with Sound Vision, the oldest national non-profit for American Muslims, as they organize the Registry. We support the right of all immigrants to peacefully and fully access all that our country has to offer. We agree with our colleagues across America's libraries that "All are Welcome".


About EveryLibrary
EveryLibrary is the first national political action committee for libraries. We are dedicated to building voter support for libraries and the future of library work. As a donor-supported organization, we have provided pro-bono assistance to over 60 public library communities when they were on the ballot to maintain or expand funding through voter-approved measures. We likewise assist dozens of school library communities on state and local public policy negotiations.

About the One America Coalition
Sound Vision, the oldest Muslim educational group in the United States, has convened the One America Coalition. Dozens of organizational members are committed to organize and empower millions of Americans of all races and religions who are ready to unite and mobilize at a moment’s notice for immigrant rights and protections. Add your name to the One America Registry today.