EveryLibrary in the News - July to December 2021 Round-up

EveryLibrary was in the news throughout 2021 for our advocacy, direct action, and policy insights about public libraries, school libraries, and the future of library work. We're proud to round-up someeverylibrary.org/donateeverylibrary.org/donate key stories to help connect you with our perspectives and activities.

This round-up covers July 2021 to December 2021 stories, articles, and opinion pieces featuring our leadership team or the outcome of our work. You can review the earlier part of 2021 at our "Midyear 2021 Round-up".

Thanks to all of our donors and supporters who ensure that all of these outcomes are done pro-bono for libraries everywhere. 

July to December 2021 Stories

EveryLibrary's 2021 Artists in Residence Get to Work
Info Today Newsbreaks | 8 July 2021

Read It and Reap: Overdue book? Don't worry, more libraries opting to waive late fees
Telegram and Gazatte | 11 July 2021

Book Post | 17 July 2021

Why Other Libraries Should Be Paying Attention To The #SaveNilesLibrary Campaign
WBEZ - NPR | 29 July 2021

3 new bills aim to support school libraries in Michigan
Fox News 47 | 30 July 2021

As Students Return to In-Person Learning, There’s One Thing Missing: Librarians
The Progressive Magazine | 7 August 2021

EveryLibrary: Promoting Books for All
Hvy | 31 August 2021

School Librarians Must Treat the Fight for Their Future Like the Political Campaign It Is
Publishers Weekly | 8 October 2021

Michigan creates new $800,000 school library/public library ecosystem builder grant program
Dearborn Press & Guide | 15 October 2021

Librarians to the Defense
The Progressive Magazine | 19 October 2021

DCPS Librarians Support Legislation for Permanent Funding
Washington Informer | 20 October 2021

School Libraries 2021: Advocacy is a Necessary Part of the Job for School Librarians
School Library Journal | 1 November 2021

Public-Private Partnerships Are Quietly Hollowing Out Our Public Libraries
TRUTHOUT | 10 November 2021

Campaign Against Library Censorship
Language Magazine | 17 November 2021

School Libraries Face Push to Ban Books
Velocity Podcast | 19 November 2021

Librarians, Educators Warn of 'Organized' Book Banning Efforts
Publishers Weekly | 19 November 2021

​​Coalition Condemns Political Attacks Against Books in Schools
Publisher’s Weekly | 8 December 2021

Denton ISD pulls memoir by Black queer author for review: Libraries across the country see an uptick in book challenges, removals
Denton Record-Chronicle | 9 December 2021

Book Riot Matches EveryLibrary Donations Through December 22
Library Journal | 21 December 2021

Our work for each and every library mentioned in any of these articles - and all the school librarians especially - is always pro-bono and for free. If you believe like we do that we should have a national political action committee for libraries working at all levels of government, please donate today. We will put it to work in 2022 across communities and schools to preserve, defend, and even extend funding for libraries and the future of library work.