EveryLibrary and Rosen Publishing Team Up to Train School Librarian Leaders

EveryLibrary is proud to announce a new donation from Rosen Publishing in support of our Political Literacy trainings for the 2017 cohort of Lilead Fellows.

EveryLibrary is proud to announce a new donation from Rosen Publishing in support of our Political Literacy trainings for the 2017 cohort of Lilead Fellows.

This donation supports the development of a robust curriculum by EveryLibrary for the Lilead Fellows Program, an advanced, intensive professional development opportunity that empowers, enables, and equips school district library supervisors to be leaders for change in their districts. Rosen Publishing is a long-time supporter of both the Lilead Project and EveryLibrary. Their strategic support creates a unique opportunity to bring crucial political and coalition-building skills to the 2017 Fellows cohort while expanding EveryLibrary’s tactical support for school librarians and school library programs nationally.

Librarians, and the certified skills with which they practice so successfully, are bulwarks in the defense of our democracy," says Roger Rosen, President of Rosen Publishing. "As top professionals, the Lilead Fellows are at the vanguard of their educational communities, leading resource rich libraries that enable students to become media literate digital citizens."

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“I applaud Dr. Ann Weeks and her colleagues at the Lilead Fellows Program for bringing a new and intensive focus on Political Literacy for school library supervisors in this cohort,” says John Chrastka, EveryLibrary Executive Director. “The recent work that EveryLibrary and Rosen Publishing did to support state-level ESSA engagement by school library associations shows that with dedicated and consistent attention to skills building, new political and policy outcomes can be realized. Adding an ongoing focus to the 2017 Fellows curriculum will be a critical last-mile in their professional development.” EveryLibrary will kick-off this year-long training at the first Fellows meeting on July 25th in Norfolk, VA.

EveryLibrary has been invited to support the 2017 Fellows cohort of library supervisors through in-person and online trainings designed to provide real-world, actionable experiences that will help them address the challenging and pressing funding issues in their districts and states. The Lilead Fellows Program is a project of the iSchool at University of Maryland and the Darden College of Education at Old Dominion University, and is supported by an IMLS grant. Rosen Publishing’s donation to EveryLibrary allows us to participate fully in the cohort’s work and to also engage individual Fellows on critical analysis and planning exercises. You can read more about Rosen Publishing’s support for EveryLibrary, including our programmatic and tactical support for 18 state school library associations’ ESSA work, on everylibrary.org

About Rosen Publishing
Rosen Publishing is a privately owned, independent K-12 educational publisher who has been serving school libraries, public libraries, and classrooms with high quality, innovative supplemental materials since 1950. Rosen’s books, ebooks, and databases are closely correlated to mandated curriculum topics in all 50 states. Together with its affiliates, Rosen publishes more than 1500 new titles each year. Rosen Publishing’s holdings consist of numerous companies, imprints, and programs including: Rosen Publishing, PowerKids Press, Windmill Books, Rosen Classroom, Rosen Digital, Rosen en español, Britannica Educational Publishing, Gareth Stevens Publishing, Cavendish Square Publishing, Jackdaw Publishing, and Enslow Publishing. For more information, visit: www.rosenpublishing.com

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EveryLibrary is the first national Political Action Committee dedicated to building voter support for libraries. Since its founding in 2012, EveryLibrary has assisted 63 library communities with ballot measures to expand or renew funding for buildings, collections, programs, services and staffing, winning 46 and securing over $220 million in stable tax money. EveryLibrary’s mission is to provide pro-bono campaign consultancy and technical assistance to library communities, and to support libraries and librarians in campaign communications. As a 501c4, we do not campaign for or support any candidate for office at any level of government. Our work is entirely supported by donors, both individuals and vendors.Contact:

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