ESSA Calendar for School Library Stakeholders

EveryLibrary, with substantial support from Rosen Publishing, is providing state school library associations and stakeholder groups with pro-bono advising and consulting to lobby the ESSA Implementation process successfully.

EveryLibrary has compiled a calendar of dates and deadlines along with links to the relevant state agencies tasked with developing each state's ESSA Implementation Plan.  This calendar is provided as a courtesy and a start point to school library stakeholders. Please consult each state agency website to verify dates and deadlines. Errors, omissions, edits, and additions should be emailed to [email protected] (Please be very specific). 

EveryLibrary, with substantial support from Rosen Publishing, is providing state school library associations and stakeholder groups with pro-bono advising and consulting to lobby the ESSA Implementation process successfully. The ESSA Implementation Planning timeline for each state is incredibly compressed and unusually fast. They will not pause to wait for us and they will not double back to make sure we are catching up. Please see our related ESSA posts for ways that EveryLibrary can help.

Reviewed on October 11, 2016. Subject to change without notice. Please check with the relevant state's webpage for the most current information.

State ESSA page -
Workgroups began meeting in June. Next dates TBD:
Community engagement tour stops from August 9 - Sept 20 around the state
Public comment accepted through Oct 30, 2016:
Governor's committee appointed in March:

State ESSA site:
Alaska Association of School Librarians (AkASL) ESSA Task Force page
with Letter written by AkASL and sent to AK DEED ESSA Coordinator and Commissioner of Education

State DPI ESSA Page:
Draft ESSA Plan for AZ - Sept 2016 -
State ESSA aggregator page:
Public Comment Survey is open now through September 30.
General survey at
"We Are Listening Tour" events were in Pinetop-Lakeside on July 19 and Payson on July 21
More Listening Tour dates in Sept and Oct -

State Board of Education ESSA Page -
Community Listening Forum dates and schedule (Sept - Oct) at
Monthly 'steering committee' meetings being held at ADE
"Stage 1" closed in July. "Stage 2" closes in January.

Stakeholder Input closed July 8
Sept 2016 - state DOE draft plan
Nov 2016 - state Board accepts plan
Next steps and work group meetings TBD
Public online 'ESSA Survey' here: (closed July 8)

State Deptartment of Education page:
Next dates TBD. No info on 'work groups'
State ESSA Blog:
A September “back-to-school” summit will kick off the vetting process
ESSA committees 'at work' developing state plan
State listening tour by DOE completed June 2016

Sept 15 - Implementation Webinar (superintendents)
No information on public comment or stakeholder meetings
Webinar on Sept 15:
Implementation webinars on May 18 and June 15

State DOE site:
ESSA Requirements and Opportunities for Delaware:
No info on "Get Involved" page as of 26 August
Draft state ESSA Plan will be released around Oct 31

Washington DC
Public Comment period is open now
Comment survey is open now through TBD
Public hearings held in June 2016

State DOE ESSA Page:
Public Comment Period closed July 22
Public comment will be open again in Nov or Dec, too
Sept 2016 - State BOE adopts the legislative platform that includes ESSA compliance statutory changes
Post legislative approval, state DOE back to administrative rules process
Early 2017 - legislative negotiations
Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME) Dec 2015 letter to state DOE:

State DOE Calendar and process
April - June was taskforce and work group meetings
July - October is stakeholder feedback
Oct - Dec is working committee to draft new language
Jan 2017 is Public Comment on proposed draft
Georgia Library Media Association (GLMA) posting their ESSA TF Info at their main page:
GLMA call-to-ation for state Stakeholder Feedback Sessions from Aug 24  end of Sept:

Governor's ESSA Task Force homepage:
Statewide Townhall meetings July 27 - Sept 14:
State Education Summit was July 9th:
DOE and BOE key community meetings held July - Oct
Draft plan to be finished Nov 2016 and presented to state BOE 12/6/16

State ESSA Page:
State draft Consolidated Plan 11/1/16
ESSA Action Areas outlined
Stakeholder applications closed May 6, 2016:
DOE submits to USDOE Feb 1, 2017
Dec 1 begins 30 day public comment period
April - Nov are working group meetings for 11 areas
Idaho Library Associaiton (ILA) ESSA Task Force page

State Board or Education process
Illinois School Library Media Association ESSA Page -
State ESSA listening tour in Sept and Oct. See ISMLA ESSA page to participate for school libraries
ISBE Draft ESSA Plan released 8/25/16 at with Public Comment due no later than 9/30/16
Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) ESSA Task Force page
Includes "Letter to ISBE" asking to be recognized as stakeholder organization; Policy positions for state ESSA Accountability Work Group; Listening Tour talking points and schedule; ISLMA policy response to ISBE ESSA Draft #1

State ESSA Page:
Workgroups first meeting August 16
Workgroup members:
Iowa Association of School Librarians (IASL) ESSA Task Force Page with Listening Tour schedule

State ESSA Page -
ESSA Advisory Council minutes via main page (Jan and July 2016 posted)
Advisory Committee members Membership%2015-16R.pdf

State ESSA Page:
KY Board of Ed actions in Jan and Feb w/ delivery to USDOE in May
Public Comment in November
Workgroups run through mid October
"Steering committees" are at work
Stakeholder meetings were March - June

State ESSA Page -
"Listening Tour Reports" Sept 2016
Louisiana Draft ESSA Framework:
Community Forums Sept 14 - October 6.
July 26 - Aug 2 Statewide meetings
Council and Commissions will meet from 22 August to Janurary in Baton Rouge:
15 members appointed by governor
Governor's Advisory Council on ESSA set to report by 31 Dec 16
Final report due 30 March 17

State DOE ESSA Page:
School and District Accountability survey open (as of 26 August review)
Areas: Accountability, Assessment, English Language Learners, Funding Streams, School Improvement, Teaching and Leading

State ESSA Page -
August 25 - ESSA Stakeholder Committee
Membership of committee:
ESSA Stakeholder Committee meeting in March and May, and on August 25, October 20, and Dec 15
Maryland Association of School Librarians (MASL) ESSA comments are actually on the state DOE's main ESSA page:

State DOE ESSA Page:
Dept of ED planning memo:
Survey closed in June
Listening (April to June 2016): Asking broad questions of our stakeholder community about their thoughts on the purpose and design of the state’s accountability and assistance system •
Modeling (June to September 2016): Developing specific proposals based on the feedback we heard in the listening phase •
Proposing (September to December 2016): Sharing our draft proposals with stakeholders to further refine and improve them Modifications to the system will be implemented at the beginning of the 2017–18 school year.

State ESSA Page -,4615,7-140-37818_76731_76733---,00.html
9 'action teams' includes internal and external advisory committee:
July - Aug state implementation teams meet
September - Oct state BOE meetings
Nov - Dec state DOE finalizes plan & submits in spring 2017

State ESSA Page -
July 20 - State Commissioner meeting
April and May meetings were held on 10 topic areas:
Will hold regional meetings in Fall 2016 to inform spring 2017 plan

State ESSA Page -
ESSA Study Group members. Met at least once:

State ESSA page:
No notice of hearings of process as of 3 July 16 or 28 July 16 reviews

State Offie of Public Instruction ESSA page:
First meeting was in May. Process ends November 2016
Work Group members:

Main state DOE ESSA Page:
No online information found 9 Sept review

Main state DOE page:
Work groups met May - June : Accountability, Assessment, English Language Learners, Funding Streams, School Improvement, Teaching and Leading
Advisory group members:

New Hampshire*
Main state DOE ESSA Page -
Advisory team meetings held April - Mid July
Public comment will be available via web - 3 public comment forums in fall 2016
New Hampshire School Library Media Association (NHSLA) ESSA Task Force page:
Letter to state education Commissioner available

New Mexico
State ESSA Page -
Stakeholder Engagement Meetings: October 12th – Gallup; October 14th – Farmington; October 17th – Santa Fe; October 18th – Albuquerque; October 27th – Roswell; November 15th – Las Cruces
A statewide non-profit is also convening Listening Sessions:

New Jersey*
State DOE Page for ESSA -
New Jersey Library Association ESSA Info page -
NJLA Testimony to Joint Committee on Public Schools, October 11, 2016

New York
State DOE Page for ESSA -
New York Library Association (NYLA) ESSA TAsk Force page:

North Carolina
State DPI Page for ESSA -
North Carolina Draft ESSA Plan (October 2016) at:
Committee work wrapped up in May
Plan development by state DOE through August
Public Comment period in Sept and October TBD
Finalize in November and present to legislature in December

North Dakota
July 25 and Aug 30 - Planning Committee Meets
"Planning Committee" met July 25 and August 30
Members of planning committee in place:

State DOE Page for ESSA -
OELMA (Ohio Educational Library Media Association) ESSA Task Force page -
Call to action by OELMA to respond to ODE online survey:
Stakeholder meeting tour starts 8/31 thru 10/6 across the state. OELMA needs volunteers and has 'policy points' for attendees.
"Draft state plan available" late 2016 with 30 day public comment period.
Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA) ESSA Task Force page: includes State 'stakeholder survey' approach

State DOE main page:
Public Survey open July / Aug:
Stakeholder feedback process underway July / Aug at  town hall meetings in July at locations in Broken Arrow, Sallisaw, Durant, Edmond, Woodward and Lawton during EngageOK
July/August- 16 Collect early feedback for drafting
October-16 Draft 1 of Plan posted for review/comment
November-16 Additional opportunities for feedback
February-17 Draft 2 of Plan posted for review/comment
May-17 Governor’s Review
July-17 Submit Plan to USDE

State ESSA Page -
Next steps unknown
Community forums ran March - June
Advisory committee met June 9th
Workgroups met from April - June

State ESSA Page -
Four work groups
April and June Workgroup meetings over
August 30 and October 18 next Workgroups meetings

Rhode Island
State DOE Page:
"Committee of Practitioners" schedule published at:
Meetings will take place on Wednesdays, from 4 to 6 p.m. (EDT) at the United Way of Rhode Island, 50 Valley St, Providence, RI. The scheduled dates are as follows: July 20, 2016; August 24, 2016; September 21, 2016; October 19, 2016; November 30, 2016; December 14, 2016; January 25, 2017; February 22, 2017; March 22, 2017; April 19, 2017; May 17, 2017; and June 14, 2017.

South Carolina
State DOE Page:
Public Comment was accepted through August 15, 2016 via: [email protected].
"Consolidated Plan" mentioned as 'under development'
General Feedback Form:

South Dakota
State DOE page:
July - September meetings for "accountability workgroup". Others no notices
Work groups in place

State ESSA Page -
TDOE/TASL/TLA ESSA Webinar with Commissioner Candice McQueen on Thursday, Sept. 8,  4:30-5:30 p.m. CST  via
General public comment was open through 16 August at
TASL 'policy points; for public comment at via
June - Aug is "Stakeholder Input"; Sept - Nov is "Writing the plan"; Dec - Jan 2017 is "Stakeholder Feedback"; Feb - March 2017 is "Approving the Plan"
Tennessee Association of School Librarians (TASL) ESSA Task Force page: includes talking points for the state DOE survey

State page for ESSA:
TEA ESSA Stakeholder Survey - closes 11/18
Texas State Library ESSA Recommendations
Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability Support Page:
TLA / TASL ESSA Task Force page:

Main ppt:
Work Groups finish by 7/16/16
Draft Plan issued by 3/1/17

State ESSA Page -
July 9 - Aug 19 - School Effectiveness Meetings
Process underway with a 6 cycle approach. Cycle 3 ended on 8 July 16
Cycle 4: Identifying Goals and Benchmarks for School Effectiveness, July 9 - August 19, 2016; Cycle 5: Consequences of Identification under ESSA, August 20 - October 7, 2016; Cycle 6: Content of ESSA-Required School Report Cards, October 8 - November 10,2016"

State ESSA Page -
Meetings on July 14 - Manassas; July 19 - Williamsburg, August 24 - Abingdon, August 25 - Lynchburg
Informational webinars on Title funding in October

State DOE Page for ESSA -
July 11 - Aug 2 Regional Forums
The timeline calls for work on the ESSA plan to be finalized by November 2016
July 11, Educational Service District 105, Yakima July 12, Wenatchee High School, Wenatchee July 13, West Valley High School, Spokane July 19, Highline Performing Arts Center, Burien August 1, Webinar (register online) August 2, Educational Se
Regional forums:  3 tiered approach to ESSA implementation with 12 work groups and task forces already in place

West Virginia
State ESSA page -
"Stakeholder Registration":
No notice of hearings as of 9 Sept 16
March 2016 state Dept of Ed overview

State ESSA Page -
July 27, Aug 8 & 18 - DPI Listening Tour
1st meeting on August 31 with other Sept - March 2017 meetings scheduled
"Equity in ESSA Stakeholder Council"
July 27th in Eau Claire, Aug 8 and 18 - Virtual DPI Listening Tour

State ESSA Page -
Town Hall Meetings were July 7 - Aug 16; Public comment (online) were through Sept 1
The town hall meetings took place at 4 p.m. on the following days: Thursday, July 7: Standards & Assessment, Thursday, July 14: Teacher & Leader Quality, Thursday, August 4: School Improvement, Thursday, August 11: Accountability, Tuesday, August 16: Federal Funds


Reviewed on October 11, 2016. Subject to change without notice. Please check with the relevant state's webpage for the most current information.

* indicate EveryLibrary supporting state school library stakeholder groups for ESSA Implementation Planning activity as of October 11, 2016