Don't Politicize Louisiana Library Boards

In a move that threatens the foundation of independent library boards of control in Louisiana, the state legislature is considering House Bill 640 this session. HB640 would end our public libraries' autonomy from politics and the control of local politicians.

This proposed legislation would grant Parish Councils, Police Juries, and Municipalities unprecedented power to remove library board members without cause, endangering the neutrality that is essential to the mission and operation of our libraries.

Library boards have long served as bulwarks against censorship and political interference, ensuring that libraries remain spaces for free thought, exploration, and access to a wide range of information. If passed, HB640 would place the appointment and removal of library board members at the discretion of local politicians, making educational and literary resources subject to political agendas. With political figures influencing library operations, there's a heightened risk that library levies and finances could be misdirected from serving the public good to fulfilling partisan interests.

Send an Email to your state legislators to Stop HB640

Louisiana deserves better! Libraries are more than just book repositories; they are community havens, educational resources, and pillars of democracy. We cannot allow the politicization of these vital institutions to go unchallenged. Join the Louisiana Library Association and EveryLibrary in an effort to safeguard our libraries. Please contact your state Representative and Senator today to oppose HB640. Use your voice to make a difference and keep our libraries politics-free. 

This is a critical moment for Louisiana libraries. The actions we take today will define the future of our public libraries. Let's unite to preserve the independence, integrity, and invaluable service our libraries provide. Say No to HB640 and Yes to a future where libraries continue to serve everyone, unswayed by political forces.


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