Did you know we provide pro-bono campaign assistance to any library going to the voters?

No other organization provides this level of support to libraries going to the voters.

Did you know that we provide pro-bono assistance to library campaigns and elections?

Most recently, we were able to support the library levy in Great Falls, Montana.


"Great Falls Public Library passed a major Library Levy in a special election that increased funding for Library services in Cascade County from $1.5 million to $2.7 million. EveryLibrary's assistance was a crucial ingredient in the successful Levy effort. They helped us get the measure on the ballot, and provided a ready-to-launch website and on-the-spot advice for every minor crisis. We recommend that any public library considering a mill levy campaign build a partnership with EveryLibrary."

- Susie McIntyre, Director, Great Falls (MT) Public Library, June 2023 levy win


You can also take a look at dozens of other testimonials from many of the other libraries that we have worked with.

To date, we've supported over 130 library campaigns totaling more than 2.8 billion dollars in stable library funding.

We even wrote the books on winning campaigns and elections for libraries. Our partner 501c3 organization, The EveryLibrary Institute, also provides a wide range of free and premium on-demand webinars for any library who wants to go to the voters. The webinars are brought to you by political consultants, organizations, and operatives from some of the largest campaigns and elections in the country.

This kind of campaign support means that every $1 we raise helps us secure over $1,600 in stable library funding for libraries across the country.

No other organization provides this level of support to libraries going to the voters.

If you want to help fund America's public libraries, please consider making a donation today.