The Backstory on Troy, MI's 2011 Campaign

We were not around in 2009 - 2011 when the Troy, MI library was on the block. And we keep getting emails from people talking about how effective the Book Burning Party campaign was in 2011 and wouldn't be smart for us to do that kind of campaign for all our library communities?  

ut that whole project has been kind of a black box for us, though.  And in our bias, we don't see an 11th-Hour Hail-Mary Hope-This-Works approach to library campaigns is not the best for the local community.  I'm glad today to see a piece by Rhonda Hendrickson, the president of the Friends of the Troy Public Library, giving an insiders account of the whole multi-year levy campaign and the local reaction to the Leo Burnett sponsored Book Burning project.   It is a fascinating read about how library campaigns can be hard fought and allies need to be visible and active for the library.  

Click through for the full story and supporting links from Information Today.

Troy PL's Battle for Survival: Anti-Tax and Book Burning Threats 
by Rhonda Hendrickson Information Today - July/August 2014