View the Archive: Censored Authors Speak 2022: A round table discussion about book banning in America

Watch this author panel discussion about the personal impact of having their books banned in libraries, how it is influencing their current and future writing, and their concerns and hopes for America's young readers. Recorded on April 6, 2022.

On the evening of April 6, 2022, EveryLibrary hosted a discussion of authors and an editor of young adult materials who have had their books challenged and removed from library shelves.

Watch the video here!

Legislative Book Banning is on the Rise in America. Across the country, books are being removed from school and public libraries by Government Officials at an unprecedented rate. (See Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson's Censorship Database.)

What does this mean for America and how is this wave of censorship impacting authors and editors personally as well as professionally?

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You can find out in this recording of this important discussion.

It was a powerful conversation that looked at both the personal, political, and educational impacts of book banning and censorship, and reinforced how important it is for young people to have access to books that both reflect their experiences, and help them understand the experiences of other people.  

Send an email to your Representatives to ask them to end censorship legislation.

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Tasslyn Magnusson. Our panel included:

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You can watch the event for free in its entirety on our Youtube Live Channel or on our Facebook Video page.

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