Another Win for Libraries – Carbondale Library

Last week we helped Carbondale Library in Kansas win their election.

The race was very close, so we needed to wait for the confirmation of all of the ballots before we could announce their win. In fact, the library won by a margin of just 12 votes! With 134 against and 146 in favor, every vote counts.

We only had a month to work with the Carbondale Library, but we were able to help them strategize their campaign and organize their volunteers. Their volunteer committee was very strong. We walked them through contacting voters using direct mail, phone banking, and social media. We helped them learn how to run a digital campaign and how contact voters in an effective way. We were also able to run info-only pro-library ads in their community to educate voters about the importance of libraries.

This work is only made possible with your continued support of just $3-$5 a month.

Throughout the month, the volunteers did an outstanding job working through a highly strategic campaign that turned out their Yes voters. Even when last minute opposition showed up, the campaign committee was able to get their voters to show up on Election Day. We were proud to see them put a strong strategy to work, and to utilize the tactics that we trained them on.


EveryLibrary was only able to work with the Carbondale Library - and provide pro-bono support to their campaign - thanks to our corporate and our individual donors. If you would like to see more libraries succeed in the United States, please consider making a one-time donation or starting a small monthly donation.