Another 1784 #VetoSB571 Signatures to Governor Snyder

Today, EveryLibrary is sending a fresh batch of 1,784 #VetoSB571 petition signatures to Governor Snyder in Lansing.

Today, EveryLibrary is sending a fresh batch of 1,784 #VetoSB571 petition signatures to Governor Snyder in Lansing.

These signatures by librarians and library supporters come from across Michigan (67%) and around the country (33%).  That brings the 2-day total to 3,801 people who are asking the Governor to protect librarians and library boards from a permanent gag order about sharing information about elections. We stand with the Michigan Library Association in calling on the entire library community in state and across the country to stand up and sign on to a petition to Governor Snyder asking him to #VetoSB571.  We call on the Governor to send it back and fix it.

EveryLibrary is involved in the #VetoSB571 campaign in Michigan because we help libraries there have good conversations with their communities about taxing priorities and local library outcomes.  SB 571 would make criminal the librarians' normal role in sharing information within the last 60 days before the Election. SB 571 would levy fines and civil penalties on the library boards who are first and foremost responsible for sharing information about the tax referendum that is before their voters. That shouldn't be the law in Michigan.

EveryLibrary is involved because of the four libraries we helped in 2014 and because of the three we're anticipating to help directly in 2016. We are engaged because of the 50+ other libraries that have been on the ballot in the last 2 years. And we are active of every other public library, every school district, every parks and rec department or police and fire commission or township and county board that is compelled to be transparent by their mission of public service and is going to be gagged, perpetually, by Sec 57 of SB 571.

Groups as diverse as the Michigan Library Association, the Michigan Association of School Administrators, the Michigan Township Association, and the Michigan Association of School  Boards are all fielding petitions to the governor because this matters everywhere in the state.  Pick your favorite.  But pick one and make your voice heard for transparency in local elections and the right of a free people to have their librarians at liberty to do what they do best: share information.

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PDF of 1784 unique VetoSB571 signatures on 23 Dec 15