An American Libraries Newsmaker

I truly appreciate the coverage in American Libraries Magazine, the flagship member publication of the American Library Association.

I truly appreciate the coverage in American Libraries Magazine,  the flagship member publication of the American Library Association. 

As a former staffer, I am honored that the editorial board identified my work on EveryLibrary for their November 2012 "Newsmakers" interview.  I've excerpted a few of the questions below and invite you to click through for the long-form article.  If you have the print version of the Nov/Dec 2012 issues a shorten interview starts on Page 17.


What would be a good test case for EveryLibrary to try first?

There are three I’d like to see us focus monies on in 2013:  (1) A library that had a previous ballot measure fail. How can we help turn that around to a win? (2) A library asking for a construction bond for the first time in a long time. How can we help them talk about the value that a new building will add to a community and how librarians will help the community? (3) A referendum for a new library district. How can we help make the case to voters that a new library taxing authority is an opportunity for education, business development, and community building?

Do you have any concerns about local governing authorities misconstruing EveryLibrary as an outside special interest?

EveryLibrary will work to support the local library ballot committee or PAC with the funds they want and the political consulting they need to succeed. In every case, we will not be coming into a district independent of the local library committee. We will, however, not be shy about talking to local government about how libraries build communities and change lives; about how librarians are partners for local businesses, educators, and parents; and how, as a country, we are better off when a local community has a library with the right funding, staffing, and collections. It’s not rough-and-tumble politics. It is the truth about how important the library is.