ALERT: Net Neutrality is in Danger!

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai (a former Verizon lawyer) is expected to announce his final plan to gut net neutrality as soon as November 22—the day before Thanksgiving—with a vote to follow quickly afterwards.

We need your action today!

Without net neutrality, ISPs will be able to block apps, slow websites, and charge us extra fees that none of us can afford and this could be an unnecessary burden on government organizations like libraries that may have to pay more to allow you to access their websites. The added costs could be passed on to you in the form of unnecessary taxes!


Sign the Petition and send an email to congress to support Net Neutrality

Once Pai makes his announcement and calls for a final vote, it will be much harder to stop him, and the situation will become desperate.

Thankfully, Congress has oversight over the FCC. They can slow Pai down or even force him to abandon his plan. We’re hearing that key lawmakers sympathetic to the cause are considering stepping in to do just that. But they need more contacts from constituents to push them over the edge.

Can you contact your members of Congress and tell them to stop the FCC from killing net neutrality?

Net neutrality protections are the first amendment of the Internet. 76% of US Internet users, including Democrats, Republicans, and independents, support net neutrality. That’s because it’s the basic principle that prevents powerful Internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and Verizon from controlling what we see and do online.

If we don’t contact Congress, lawmakers will think we don’t care and the FCC will get away with killing net neutrality by the end of this year. ISPs will gain the power to restrict the Internet’s usefulness for independent news, creative work, and social change—a devastating blow to just about everyone online.

We have the power to stop this. Click here to contact your members of Congress now!

Thanks for all you do,