AIR 2021 - Ray Briggs

The two pieces below were written by Ray Briggs as part of the 2021 Artist in Residence Program. They were recorded live at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music featuring Ray Briggs accompanied by Amy Rowe.

Set to a medium-tempo groove embodied by a soulful bassline, this composition features a cascading melody with call and response-like interplay between the tenor saxophone and piano.  Following the introduction and statement of the melody, the saxophone and piano are highlighted through improvised solos before offering a restatement of the opening themes. 



The title of this work means the "warmth of the sun in winter."  It is a pensive ballad that was inspired by the "long winter" of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and collective experience of feeling isolated, fearful, and discouraged by the unknown, yet there is a growing sense of hope in a brighter day that is soon to come.


Special thanks to James Schumacher and Maria Montiel with Vertigo Event Productions