AIR 2021 - Fragile by Corrine Lightweaver

In her thrid and final exhibit for her 2021 Residencey, Corrine Lightweaver shares a meditation on the fragile nature of her world. 

Corinne, in her work “Perils of Domesticity” and “Witness” illustrates the danger of not paying attention to our fragile world, its natural habitat, and what it has to offer to humanity. We are losing animals, elements because we exploit our earth. We need to pay more attention to our actions and preserve what will help us understand our future and help our children understand their past.

“We take the natural world for granted. We also take libraries for granted. As local and national citizens and communities, we must advocate for endangered species and against habitat loss. Similarly, we must advocate for all that libraries have to offer and work to protect their future." - CW


Perils of Domesticity

Fish can move from one world to the next, carrying unrevealed messages between worlds.


The birds are witnesses and observers, now aligned with the viewer.


You can view all of Corrine Lightweaver's 2021 AIR works via the main Artist in Residence page.