Every 5K Your Way For Libraries donation supports library-saving work

Registration for 5K Your Way For Libraries is open!

Join EveryLibrary as we raise $50,000 to ensure stable funding and access to libraries for generations to come on September 26 -October 2, 2021.

When you fundraise or donate to support the 5K Your Way For Libraries, EveryLibrary puts your contribution to work in three ways:

  1. On local library campaigns—for both public and school libraries
  2. On building our national reach as an advocacy organization for libraries
  3. On staff and projects that run the organization

Every $10 we raise helps us reach 1,000 more Americans with petitions and campaigns to support libraries. Every $1 we raise helps us ensure over $1,600 in local funding for libraries.

What are donations used for?

Donations are used for voter awareness campaigns and helping local library ballot committees win at election time. We dedicate a portion of each contribution to actively reach the American public and local stakeholders through paid social media advertising. EveryLibrary uses a portion of contributions to cover overhead, staffing, and development or acquisition of voter awareness tools and campaign materials.


EveryLibrary needs your support to continue the important work we have been doing for libraries and librarians for the last 9 years. From Sept. 26–Oct. 2, 2021 join library supporters around the country as they participate in EveryLibrary's first 5K Your Way For LibrariesOur goal is to raise $50,000 to ensure EveryLibrary can continue our library-saving work. Here’s how you can help:

Form a Team: Become a team leader and invite your friends and family to join your team and raise critical funds.
Join a Team: Join an existing team, get moving, and ask others to support you with a donation.
Join as an Individual: Sign up as an individual, do your thing, and raise some money!
Donate: Make a donation to ensure EveryLibrary can continue to help libraries in crisis across the country.

Registration info:
$15 General Registration
$30 Registration + 1 pair of 5K Your Way For Libraries custom John's Crazy Socks*

Join the 5K Your Way For Libraries Facebook Event Group to stay up to date on what others are doing. Share how you will 5K. Ask questions and share success stories!

Don't forget to join us on Sunday, September 26th at 3 pm EST for our Facebook Live event to kick-off event week!

Thank you for supporting EveryLibrary’s mission to ensure stable funding and access to libraries for generations to come! 

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*Please allow 8 weeks for the delivery of your 5K Your Way For Libraries custom John's Crazy Socks. The socks will be delivered to the address that you register with.

You may also donate by check or money order (US Funds only) made out to:

P.O. Box 406
45 E. Burlington St.
Riverside, IL 60546

Or donate via ActBlue
Or donate via PayPal

EveryLibrary is a registered 501(c)4 organization (FEIN 46-1534149). We invite you to check up on us before donating by finding out more about us on Guidestar, the most trusted guide to non-profits on the Internet.