5K Your Way For Libraries

Registration for 5K Your Way For Libraries is officially open! Join EveryLibrary as we raise $50,000 to ensure stable funding and access to libraries for generations to come on September 26 -October 2, 2021.

Registration for 5K Your Way For Libraries is officially open!

Join EveryLibrary as we raise $50,000 to ensure stable funding and access to libraries for generations to come on September 26 -October 2, 2021.


Event Details: 
What: 5K Your Way For Libraries
When: September 26 to October 2, 2021
Where: Where ever you will be
Why: So EveryLibrary can continue our library-saving work

Registration info:

Register at 5kyourwayforlibraries.org
$15 General Registration
$30 Registration + 1 pair of 5K Your Way For Libraries custom John's Crazy Socks*

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 highest fundraisers and other fun stuff! 

5K Your Way for Libraries
What does 5k mean to you? 5 kilometers of walking and running? 5 thousand seconds of reading? 5 thousand jumping jacks? It's up to you! Do it “your way,” and invite friends and family to join you in fundraising for EveryLibrary to continue to provide its library-saving work. 

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Sponsorship: Become a sponsor and show your employees and customers why you think a future with libraries is so important!
  • Form a Team: Become a team leader and invite your friends and family to join your team and together raise critical funds.
  • Join a Team: Join an existing team, get moving, and ask others to support you with a donation.
  • Join as an Individual: Sign up as an individual, do your thing, and raise some money!
  • Donate: Make a donation to ensure EveryLibrary can continue to help libraries in crisis across the country.

You already signed up so now what?!

  • Join the Facebook Event Page. Stay up to date on what others are doing. Share how you will 5K. Ask questions and share success stories! 
  • Invite others to join you. Share your fundraising page.  Ask others to join your team and fundraise or donate to you or your team.
  • Create a Fundraising event! Along with asking others to donate, you can also have a team fundraiser. Maybe do a yard sale, car wash, or ask a local restaurant to host a fundraiser for you so that proceeds go to your team fundraising goals. Use #5kyourwayforlibraries.
  • Decide what you and/or your team is doing for the 5K, when they are doing it, and where! Make sure you share that with your network too! Use #5kyourwayforlibraries.

5K-Week things to know:

  • Join us on Sunday, September 26th at 3 pm EST for our Facebook Live event to kick-off event week!
  • Get your gear! Whether it's your normal outfit or matching team t-shirts you might want to add a race bib to show the word you are doing a 5K for Libraries! Get your team bib here and your individual bib here.
  • Continue to fundraise! Ask everyone and anyone to support you in your fundraising efforts. 
  • Have fun! Whether you are going at it alone or with a group, have fun with it!


Sign up today for the 5K Your Way and help us support libraries in the United States

Libraries are much more than a place that holds books. All funds raised from this event will go directly toward saving libraries in crises across the country. Together, we are stepping up efforts to create a better future for library funding at all levels of government.

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