One Book, One Congress

What if every member of Congress read the same book? What if that book was about libraries?

What if every member of Congress read the same book?

What if that book was about libraries?

Let’s teach our political leaders how important libraries are to people like you by sending the book, “Inspiring Library Stories,” to every member of Congress. Every $20 we raise sends one book to one person in Congress.


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When they receive their copy of “Inspiring Library Stories” they’ll find 43 true stories that show them why libraries are so critical to Americans. The stories are also book-ended by five essays further exploring the value of libraries in the digital age.

These stories were shared by library workers, volunteers, and patrons from around the United States. These funny, insightful, and moving tales are sure to be a welcome treat for library lovers and an education for anyone who has ever wondered what makes libraries such a uniquely treasured institution.

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Every $20 we raise will help us pay to send one copy of the book to congress and our shipping charges and processing fees. That means that we need to raise $2,000 to send a book to every Senator and $8,700 to send a book to every Representative. If we reach our $10,000 goal, then we'll cover the remaining $700. Your donation of any amount will help us reach our goals. Please, make a donation today and help us show congress how important libraries are to Americans everywhere.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the book, please visit Hinchas Press here and 30% of every sale will go to support libraries in the United States!

We’re excited to launch this crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Hinchas Press. Hinchas Press is a Los Angeles-based micropress that publishes zines, poetry, poetry in translation, and library science non-fiction. They are a publisher that supports social justice initiatives, and advocates for bilingual literacy endeavors, especially along portions of the Américas that are monolingual.