Legislation of Concern in 2024

EveryLibrary is monitoring state legislation during the 2024 session that would limit Americans' freedom to read and think for themselves. Of most concern are proposed laws that would allow for criminal prosecution of librarians, educators, higher ed. faculty, and museum professionals.

In 2024, we are paying the most attention to state legislative initiatives in ten categories:

  1. bills that would criminalize libraries, education, and museums (and/or the employees therein) by removing long-standing defense from prosecution exemptions under obscenity laws and/or expose librarians to civil penalties;
  2. bills that change obscenity and "harmful to minors" definitions that preempt established First Amendment rights;
  3. bills that would establish book rating systems, leading to segregation or expulsion of materials by topic or viewpoint;
  4. bills that mandate restrictive library policies, esp. prescribing collection development or materials challenge policies;
  5. bills that would limit access to school library databases;
  6. bills that create onerous parental control/notification requirements that lead to segregated materials or limit free speech;
  7. bills that limit or outlaw the teaching of "divisive concepts";
  8. bills that lead to defunding or closure of libraries or politicization of library boards.
  9. bills that limit funding or participation in professional library associations or drop accreditation requirements for professional librarians
  10. bills that seek to de-professionalize librarianship through loosening or elimination of licensing/certification requirements

On a positive note, we are also tracking "right to read" bills that offer protections to libraries/librarians, as well as other positive bills. 

See our Pro-Library Bill Tracking Page

We do more than monitor bills

EveryLibrary is an active and engaged partner with over 100 grassroots groups, many state library associations, and other coalition partners, helping them create and field effective legislative advocacy strategies. We provide partners with free access to a suite of digital advocacy tools including FightForTheFirst.org, our Action.EveryLibrary.Org site, and SaveSchoolLibrarians.org. If you would like to talk about how EveryLibrary can assist your state library association or advocacy group, please contact our team today

2024 Legislation of Concern 

This page is based on a dynamic search of legislation and is being continually updated. 


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