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“The guidance EveryLibrary provided to staff and trustees on Information Only Campaigns, messaging, and the process was invaluable to us. All the more so because it was provided pro-bono. Their personal engagement helped allay fears and reassure us along the way, too. Thanks to EveryLibrary you for the great work you do for libraries.”

Jeannie Dilger, Executive Director, Palatine (IL) Public Library District

I am so unbelievably grateful for the help and support I was given by EveryLibrary. They got the word out at such a crucial point in the election, which is why our fight went national and then international.

Laura Sanders, Director, Lafourche Parish (LA) Public Library system

You and your team are doing great work and every librarian should be supporting EveryLibrary! I’ve made my contribution a recurring monthly donation and I wish you all the best. Thanks for the work that you’re doing and I am proud to put my support behind it!

Richard Huffine

Thanks for providing the vision and the leadership to create this incredibly valuable resource for libraries across the United States. Libraries have a long history of collaboration and cooperation in the development of services for our communities, and it’s time we stand together in the political arena as well. Cheers.

Derek Wolfgram

The smartest thing I did with this campaign was to contact you and ask for your help!!!! It was a pleasure working with EveryLibrary. You were a GREAT support!

Brenda Crider, Director, Bucyrus Public Library

I give monthly because I believe in what they do to keep libraries open and available to all.

Connie Hill Brasier  

News and Updates

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EveryLibrary Is Proud to Provide Support to the Texas Freedom to Read Project

EveryLibrary works to support communities who are fighting against book bans and censorship by providing a wide range of pro-bono tools, data, funding and training. We previously provided the Florida Freedom To Read Project with a sophisticated website built on the NationBuilder platform. Now, we are excited to provide the same tools to a group of advocates in Texas who are fighting against censorship in school and public libraries across the state. This group is called the Texas Freedom to Read Project and you can visit their website at and sign their petition to get involved. We are also providing them with many of the tools and resources that they need to win! See their press release below for more information.

Oppose the Change to Montana Public Library Standards

The Montana Library Commission is considering drastic and unnecessary changes to state Public Library Standards. EveryLibrary is supporting the Montana Library Association's urgent request that library stakeholders and advocates file "public comment" opposing these changes by December 1, 2023. 

Another win against book banners in Marathon County!

The Marathon County Public Library has been under attack for weeks after Supervisor David Baker proposed an Amendment to dismantle the library system. In response to this threat, the Marathon County Public Library Alliance launched a petition on our Fight for the First petition platform, urging supervisors not to defund the library.

Election Night 2023 Library Wrap-Up

EveryLibrary tracked over 60 local library elections, annual budget votes, and statewide ballot measures that impacted libraries on the Tuesday, November 7, 2023 ballots across nine states. Voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of libraries.

Submit a letter to the editor against book bans to your local paper

It only take a few minutes to write and submit a letter to the editor against book bans with our new tool!

What if Every Political Party Stood Against Book Bans?

What if political parties added resolutions against book bans to their national platforms? We have working to secure endorsements from all national political parties about the right to read in libraries during their fall 2023 party conventions.

EveryLibrary in the News During Banned Books Week!

EveryLibrary was proud to be in the news throughout Banned Books Week, 2023. If you missed any of our media, you can take a look at them here and share them on your social media!

A Win in the Fight Against Book Banners and Library Closures in Columbia County, WA

Democracy won and Justice prevailed! In the far southeast corner of Washington state, the county’s only public library was under attack. A small group of extremists tried and failed to ban 11 books whose themes were LGBTQ, anti-racism, and sexuality.  

Bridgerton Author Julia Quinn Named New National Ambassador For EveryLibrary

EveryLibrary and EveryLibrary Institute today announced the appointment of Julia Quinn as their first National Ambassador for 2023-2024. Quinn brings her stature as an award-winning, bestselling author to the fight against censorship.  

Virtual Event for PA Residents: "Beyond Book Bans"

Maybe you have started to hear rumors that extremists are asking the school board to ban certain books in your school district.Or maybe some books have already been banned where you are, and now they are trying to defund your public library.Or maybe certain books are disappearing from book displays at both your local library and the bookstore in town.These are all scenarios playing out across Pennsylvania as extremists continue their assault on intellectual freedom.